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Pain free Childbirth using hypnosis MP3 download

Natural Childbirth is a comprehensive and easy-to-use self hypnosis and relaxation program to help you prepare for childbirth.

Through this recording, you'll learn how to eliminate stress hormones and instead, elevate your body's own natural pain reliever, endorphins. With Natural Childbirth, you can expect to build confidence and comfort during your pregnancy, achieve a more comfortable labour and generally faster delivery.

Preparing for childbirth with the aid of this recording will:

Produce faster and easier childbirth delivery

Dramatically minimize pain during labour and birth

Enhance comfort and sleep during your pregnancy

Give you higher levels of energy

Create deeper levels of bonding with your baby

How does Natural Childbirth help?

Listening to the Natural Childbirth recording daily will help you create the level of relaxation needed to stop the flow of catecholamines, the stress hormones that are released during labour. Catecholamines affect the childbirth process by making it difficult for the round, circular muscles of the uterus to relax, causing the uterus muscles to do more work and creating longer, harder contractions and a longer, harder labor. Catecholamines also cause the blood flow to the major organs of your body (including your uterus) to be rerouted to your arms and legs. This provides less energy for your uterus and impedes its work.

Catecholamine release is a fear-based response, creating constriction in the muscles that is generally associated with pain. What's most interesting about catecholamines and endorphins is that they don't simultaneously exist. However, they are both always present -- one will always be more dominate. The goal of Natural Childbirth is to "turn off" catecholamines and "turn on" endorphins.

By stopping the flow of catecholamines, the uterus functions at it's highest potential, pulling the long, lengthening muscles of the uterus over your baby's head easily and effortlessly. Without the presence of catecholamines, your body is naturally filled with endorphins, a natural pain reliever. When endorphins are released, your muscles are relaxed and there is a feeling of well-being and safety.

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