Overcome Panic Attacks - Hypnosis MP3 Download

Overcome Panic Attacks With A Hypnosis Download

Panic Attacks are frightening for anyone who suffers from them! Yet, as frightening as they are. The reality is that Panic Attacks are completely harmless! This hypnosis download will help to alleviate these symptoms and help you cope.

Anyone who suffers with Panic Attacks will tell you how frightening the symptoms can be!

Rapid Heart beat, heart pounding or heart palpitations


Visibly Shaking

Chest pain

Pain in the neck or shoulders

Shortness of breath

Inappropriate or disturbed thoughts

These symptoms are just the start for anyone who suffers from Panic Attacks!

Yet, as frightening as they are. The reality is that they are completely harmless! However, This is little consolation to anyone who is experiencing them. To them they seem very real indeed!

The good news is that Panic Attacks and, therefore, their symptoms can be treated and overcome.

Some of the main non-drug treatments that are commonly used are Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Progressive Relaxation methods and Controlled Breathing.

On this recording, all of these treatments are used to help to reduce and even prevent Panic Attacks occuring.

After being gently guided into a deep state of relaxation, you will be given practical tools which will give you coping strategies to use during the onset of a Panic Attack.

In addition, you will also be given subconscious anchors which you can trigger during the onset of a Panic Attack to instantly take you back to a calm and relaxed state.

Using this recording regularly and the tools contained within will definitely help to reduce your Panic Attacks and may even get rid of them altogether.

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